Working Papers

  • 2017 Wang, Shaun, Knowledge Set of Attack Surface and Cybersecurity Rating for Firms in a Supply Chain (November 3, 2017), Working paper
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  • 2017  Wang, Shaun, Optimal Information Security Investments for Firms with Interdependent Cyber Threats, 
    Working paper
  • 2017  Wang, Shaun, Cybersecurity Budget Allocation to Address Multiple Areas of Vulnerability and Multiple Segments of Data Assets, Working paper

  • 2017  Wang, Shaun, Integrated Framework for Information Security Investment and Cyber Insurance (February 16, 2017), Working paper
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  • 2017  Heinl, Caitriona, “Technology: Access and Denial” in “Security in Cyber Space: Extremism and Terrorism” for The Oxford Handbook of Cyber Security, Oxford University Press (Editor, Paul Cornish, Oxford Martin), forthcoming

  • 2017  Fong, Joelle H., “Old-age Frailty Patterns and Implications for Long-term Care Programs.” The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice, 42(1): 114–128.

  • 2017  Shao, Adam W., Michael Sherris, and Joelle H. Fong, "Product pricing and solvency capital requirements for long-term care insurance." Scandinavian Actuarial Journal 2017.2:175-208.

  • 2017  Fong, Joelle H., “Extending Demographic Windows of Opportunity: Evidence from Asia.” Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance, 11(1): 2153-3792.

  • 2017  Schanz, Kai-Uwe and Shaun Wang, “The need for insurance to address flood risk in Asia”, Think-tank Insight, Asia Insurance Review, June 2017

  • 2016  Wang, Shaun (2016) Optimal Level of Information Security Investment: Model and Formula, Working paper

  • 2016  Nie, C., Wang, S. and Li, S. (2016) "Applying Surplus Process to Model the Effect of Spending on Cyber Security Level", Working Paper, Dec 2016.​

Working papers from 2015 and before