Completed Projects


Risk Benchmark Project for the Asia-Pacific Non-Life Insurance Markets

Completed Date: November 2013

Project Lead
Risk Lighthouse and Shaun Wang (Advisor)

Yisi Lu, Zhou Terry Fang, Evan Leite

Project Description
The scope of the project is to perform risk benchmarks analysis, with a concentration on motor and commercial property segments. Based on the cleansed data, Risk Lighthouse (RLH) will perform a trend study using exposure and experience data in China and India and identify the benchmarks in mature markets. Uninsured natural catastrophe exposure will also be analyzed. RLH will also review the risk-based capital regime in Singapore. Such trends and risk benchmarks should be of interest not only to insurance companies but also to regulatory organizations.

Completed Research Report

  • Risk Benchmark Study: Non-life Insurance in China and India
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Industry Articles

  • Capturing the dynamics of China’s and India’s non-life insurance markets
    Published in Asia Insurance Review - February 2014
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Conference Presentations

  • Emerging and Growing Non-Life Insurance Markets: China and India, Insurance Risk Research Conference 2014, Singapore, Yisi Lu and Evan Leite, Jun 2014