Completed Projects


Topics on Capital Allocation

Completed Date: May 2016

Project Lead
Shinichi Kamiya 

George Zanjani and Daniel Bauer

Project Description
Advances in capital allocation theory over the last decade have made important contributions to the way insurance companies think about risk pricing and performance measurement (see e.g. Myers and Read (2001) and Kalkbrener (2005)). However, there are still gaps between theory and practice in several directions, and we identify potential contributions to the literature. Topics studied in this project includes optimal capital allocation under imperfect information of exposure.

Completed Research Report


Academic Paper


Conference Presentations

  • Egalitarian Equivalent Capital Allocation, ​2015 Insurance Mathematics Economics (IME) Conference, London, UK, Shinichi Kamiya and George Zanjani​, June 2015
  • Dynamic Capital Allocation with Irreversible Investments, 41st Seminar of European Group of Risk and Insurance Economists (EGRIE), Zurich, Switzerland​, Daniel Bauer, Shinichi Kamiya, Xiaohu Ping and George Zanjani, September 2014