Academic Publications, Research Papers, Articles and Reports

Year 2017

  • Wang, Shaun  (2017)  Knowledge Set of Attack Surface and Cybersecurity Rating for Firms in a Supply Chain. ​Download from SSRN​

  • Wang, Shaun  (2017)  Cyber Security Bill's success lies in how rules apply to each sector, The Straits Times, 10 August 2017.

  • Lina Xu, Victor de la Pana, Shaun Wang.  (2017)  An Approach to Validating Methodologies and Models with Insurance Applications, presented at Advances in Predictive Analytics Conference, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 1-2 December 2017. 

  • Jing Jing Zhu and Shaun Wang (2017)  Optimal Information Security Investments for Firms with Interdependent Cyber Threats. Working paper, March 2017.​