Academic Publications, Research Papers, Articles and Reports

Year 2020

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  • Balasooriya U., Li J.S.H., and Li J. (2020). The Impact of Model Uncertainty on Index-based Longevity Hedging and Measurement of Longevity Basis Risk. Risks (Special Issue: Mortality Forecasting and Applications).​

  • Liu, K., and K.S. Tan.  Real-time valuation of large variable annuity portfolios: A green mesh approach, to appear in North American Actuarial Journal.

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  • Tan, K.S., P. Wei, W. Wei and S. Zhuang.  (2020)  Optimal dynamic reinsurance policies under a generalized Denneberg's absolute deviation principle", European Journal of Operation Research, 282(1):345-362.

  • Hong Li, Yang Lu and Wenjun Zhu.  Dynamic Bayesian Ratemaking: A Markov Chain Approximation Approach, to appear in North American Actuarial Journal.