Academic Publications, Working papers and Reports

​2017 Wang, Shaun, Knowledge Set of Attack Surface and Cybersecurity Rating for Firms in a Supply Chain (November 3, 2017), Working paper
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2017  Wang, Shaun, Optimal Information Security Investments for Firms with Interdependent Cyber Threats, Working paper

2017  Wang, Shaun, Cybersecurity Budget Allocation to Address Multiple Areas of Vulnerability and Multiple Segments of Data Assets, Working paper

2017  Wang, Shaun, Integrated Framework for Information Security Investment and Cyber Insurance (February 16, 2017), Working paper
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2017  Heinl, Caitriona, “Technology: Access and Denial” in “Security in Cyber Space: Extremism and Terrorism” for The Oxford Handbook of Cyber Security, Oxford University Press (Editor, Paul Cornish, Oxford Martin), forthcoming

2017  Fong, Joelle H., “Old-age Frailty Patterns and Implications for Long-term Care Programs.” The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice, 42(1): 114–128.

​2017  Shinichi Kamiya and George Zanjani, Egalitarian Equivalent Capital Allocation, The North American Actuarial Journal, Forthcoming, 2017

2017  Shao, Adam W., Michael Sherris, and Joelle H. Fong, "Product pricing and solvency capital requirements for long-term care insurance." Scandinavian Actuarial Journal 2017.2:175-208.

2017  Fong, Joelle H.  “Extending Demographic Windows of Opportunity: Evidence from Asia.” Asia-Pacific Journal of Risk and Insurance, 11(1): 2153-3792

2017  Schanz, Kai-Uwe and Shaun Wang, “The need for insurance to address flood risk in Asia”, Think-tank Insight, Asia Insurance Review, June 2017

2016  Nie, C., Wang, S. and Li, S. "Applying Surplus Process to Model the Effect of Spending on Cyber Security Level", Working Paper, Dec 2016.​

2016  Shinichi Kamiya and Andreas Milidonis, Actuarial Independence and Managerial Discretion, Journal of Risk and Insurance, Forthcoming, 2016

2016  Shinichi Kamiya, Credit Crunch and Insurance Consumption:  The Aftermath of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Journal of Risk and Insurance, 2016​​